Explain How These Functional Areas Function.

The relationship between the   functional areas in business   are suppliers will be contacted by purchasing or production department when orders are placed or made better or checked the R&D might also be in touch with specialist suppliers the finance will check suppliers invoice before paying to make sure they are no mistakes.
Customer will be contacted by sales staff, customer services and finance for information about the payments
The bank might be contacted by finance about any problems about the company’s bank account  
Government agencies – may be contacted by several functional areas HR may be in touch with job centre plus about job spaces if the staff are abroad a lot of the time, sales may contact the identity and passport service-finance and payroll staff will communicate with HM revenue &customs-the tax office

The sales and production must be in commutation so that they agree on the delivery dates so that customers are not expecting dates that cannot be met production need to tell production about any problems that might affect the customer Tesco don’t have a production team they have to communicate   with there supplier
Finance must know about the customers questions to check there credit rating before sales are made finance   are involved with discounts or when problems occur with customer payments. Tesco sales and finance work together when expensive items are being sold or discounts are being made

Orders produced by purchasing are matched against delivers received and copied to finance. finance   matches these against the invoice before making the payments Oxfam doesn’t purchase anything it relays on donations
Finance must know when goods have been sent off so then can send out an invoices  
Tesco uses its distribution but must make sure that that they have the funds to pay.
Sales must be able to tell customers when the must deliver and must be aware of any problems.
Tesco must know when the distribution is delivering so they know how...