Account for the Initial Consolidation of Nazi Power in 1933-34

Account for the initial consolidation of Nazi power in 1933-34
The failure of the Weimar Republic, the Wall Street Crash and the Treaty of Versailles had sent Germany into a state of instability and unrest.   The only way to restore Germany was to elect a new government. Events such as the Munich Putsch, Mein Kampf, the re organisation of Nazi tactics gained supporters and awareness of the Nazi party. This led to the Nazi party winning 43.9% of Germany‚Äôs vote in March 1933 and gaining 288 seats of Parliament due to proportional representation. On January 30th Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and eighteen months later Germany became a dictatorship.
Hitler faced three main problems in 1933 being that he had enemies within the Reichstag, from above and in his own party. His actions between January 1933-August 1934 enabled Hitler to become supreme dictator of Germany as Fuhrer.
Less than a month after becoming dictator, the Reichstag burned down. Hitler claimed that this attack was a communism conspiracy. Germany became a state of emergency and Hindenburg allowed Hitler to employ Article 48 to restore peace giving him increased powers. The communist party was banned from the Reichstag and the working class felt betrayed by the communist party. This worked in favour of the Nazis as the working class being the majority of the nation saw Hitler as a defender of the nation and were now more likely to vote for the Nazi party. Police were given the powers to imprison without trial so that the communists could be locked away from further influencing the nation illegally. This event gained increased support for the Nazi party as they had only minimal weak opposition, leading to their consolidation of power.
Germany was now in a state of unrest. The SA had been ordered to attack all communist supporters and street violence flooded the nation. Hitler was able to use this to convince Hindenburg to vote on the introduction of the enabling act as Germany was considered...