Explain How Different Social, Professional and Cultural Contexts May Affect the Relationship and the Way People Communicate

When socialising it is highly important to treat people the way we our self’s would like to be treated, having respect and using good manners will promote healthy relationships.
People seem to be more relaxed in social environments people speak almost in a different language to the one they use in a professional environment, the language spoken in a more relaxed environment should not be used when in a professional setting as it could cause offence.
Relaxed settings or informal settings normally produce people talking about their day and life also theses settings will normally be filled with people unwinding/letting their hair down having banter and conversations usually are humorous.
People are more relaxed in formal settings this is reflected by people’s attire this could consist of jeans, tracksuit, trainers, flat shoes, boots this type of dress code reflects us as individuals, this attire would not be accepted in professional settings.
As for names people will go by their first names or nick names rather than Mr or Miss/Mrs p
Voices and volume as well as voice pitch will be totally different in a formal setting than a professional setting as the environment almost calls for a loader fun pitch and sound more laughter may be had in a relaxed environment as the need to be as serious is low.
Stereotyping is more common in formal relaxed settings as people tend to judge people by their grooming and attire, Stereotyping can cause problems in any settings so it is something to avoid if wanting to build strong healthy relationships.