Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

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|Communication and professional relationships with Children, young people and adults.                       |                       |                         |
|In order to contribute to positive relationships, we should look at how we would approach other people and|                       |                         |
|how we would respond to them. If we have a positive relationship with others then we are more likely to   |                       |                         |
|communicate information to each another better. Parents and other adults are much more likely to give     |                       |                         |
|beneficial support if the communication is strong and effective then in the long run this will also       |                       |                         |
|benefit the pupils.                                                                                       |                       |                         |
|If we show effective communication skills by checking what we are saying when we are feeling stressed or   |                       |                         |
|when we get excited, the pupils can also understand what our expectations are in school. This is very     |                       |                         |
|important for them                                                                                         |                       |                         |
|We have to set examples to the pupils i.e.: if we ask them to behave in a certain way when communicating   |                       |                         |
|with others and then we do the totally opposite, this will send the pupils mixed messages.   Pupils will   |                       |...