Examine and Comment Upon How the Departments in Which You Teach Attempt to Provide a Safe and Secure Learning Environment. Describe the Subsequent Effects There Are on the Delivery of Your Subject?

Examine and comment upon how the departments in which you teach attempt to provide a safe and secure learning environment. Describe the subsequent effects there are on the delivery of your subject?

This exposition will attempt to examine how the Mathematics department in which I teach attempts to provide a safe and secure learning environment. The subsequent effects on the delivery of mathematics will also be described. Both physical and psychological aspects will be addressed by examining such areas as the regulatory and statutory environment, the school climate and pedagogical issues. Whilst it might be efficient to deal with these aspects discretely, many issues will inevitably fall into more than one of these areas.

Perhaps, the most obvious starting point is the regulatory and statutory environment, which, I propose to break down into a number of areas: Health and Safety, Every Child Matters and the Children Act 2004, and Safeguarding.  

Issues regarding Health and Safety are paramount in any environment, no more so than in the classroom: no one would disagree that the physical environment needs to be safe, but we should not underestimate the effects on learning and general disposition that an inviting and stimulating classroom can have. A bright and cheery room with such things as well displayed student work and a potpourri of mathematical vocabulary, posters depicting real-life applications of the subject and biographies of influential mathematicians all help to foster an environment that is comfortable, engaging and stimulating.

Every Child Matters is a shared programme of change to improve outcomes for all children and young people. This includes being safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation; being safe from accidental injury and death; being safe from bullying and discrimination; being safe from crime and anti-social behaviour in and out of school; having security, stability and to be cared for.   Whilst a number of...