E124 Enhancing and Extending Children’S Learning Tma03

Enhancing and extending children’s learning

Part 1 –Introduction (100 words)
The framework that guides my practice is The National Curriculum Key Stage 1(QCA, 1999), The Early Years Foundation Stage (DFES, 2007) and my establishments Policies. My role is to support children with additional needs, in small groups.   I choose experiences that accessed learning and development under The National Curriculum (QCA, 1999) and The Early Years Foundation Stage (DFES, 2007). My ICT and knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUW) activity follows AR and LJ in the travel agents role play area. For my Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) I focused on BH and LP as they decorated a postcard whilst sharing holiday experiences.
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Part 2 Example (250 words)
Our termly topic and year plan show the different curriculum areas with activities to support and facilitate the learning (Appendix A). Each term topics are planned to provide subject material and detailed activities. We linked the role play area with holidays which built on children’s experiences already and our topic “Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?”   (Appendix B).  
This activity provided an environment where the children could explore freely on a daily basis. As a group we discussed holidays and investigated brochures, maps and the globe allowing the children to discover new and already experienced places. The quiet room was equipped with tables, chairs, brochures, posters, pens, pencils, paper, telephone, maps and a computer.

LJ is fairly sociable, appearing to enjoy role play, whilst AR is inclined to be aggressive during free play activities.   Often within a small group LJ has visited the area several times. Following a family holiday, AR had been eager to participate. I was able to observe LJs computer skills and her encouragement of ARs attempts and note how AR mixed with his peers without showing any previously witnessed aggression. LJ was interested in the computer and tapped...