Examinations Process Report

Certificate in Professional Administration
Examinations Process Report

By Abbie Young (Academic Registry)

I have decided to do my report on the exam scheduling task that is used in central timetabling to timetable the main exams that are run twice yearly. It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete this task for the Semester 2 exams. The whole examination process runs for approximately 4 months from when Faculties input student’s modules choices to the last day of exams.
Within this process there is one area that takes a lot of time to complete. The seating plans which currently consist of a member of staff sitting with the seating plans, the exam timetable and some colouring pens. I decided to focus on this problem to use my problem solving skills.
Problem Solving Techniques
I decided to use the 5W’s to interrogate my problem and work out how to solve it.

After the examination timetable had been scheduled my line manager and I sat with the room layouts and entered this information into TTCMIS to create the room layouts within the system so that it would know how many seats were available in each room. We then ran the seating allocation process and analysed the results. The process was run several times as it was discovered that there was a bug in the system.
The results were conclusive and it was decided that it did not work as it allocated all student attached the exam the same seat even though there were plenty of seats available.
I will definitely use this technique again if I have a problem that needs solving as although the outcome wasn’t positive it helped me to focus on the problem and look at areas where I could change things.
Managing My Workload
I decided to use a daily time log to start with to see where I was using the majority of my time. I used this during the exam process.
Start Finish Activity Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri
8:30 9:00 Check emails 30 60 45 50 10
9:00 10:00 Exams 60...