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Aurora Dennis


eTMA 07


Human Rights laws play an important role in ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected above all else.

Critically evaluate this statement drawing upon your knowledge of the law in relation to privacy and family discipline.

Human rights are those rights which belong to every individual, there are two different types of human rights and they are those which are moral and those which are legal, these were examined in depth for the purpose of this assignment. Moral rights are universal and are the birthright of every human being, a person does not have to earn these rights they are equal and apply to every member of society regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or the area in which they live, moral rights are inalienable. Legal rights differ in that they have been created by governments and unlike moral rights they do not apply universally, they are particular meaning the legal rights of a person would depend upon the society in which the individual live and are alienable.

To critically evaluate the statement that human rights laws plays an important role in ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected above all else rights and obligations was examined, as can be seen in Reading 1 'How rights work' there is a clear link between rights and obligations, a right is a persons entitlement to something an example of this would be the national minimum wage where it is the employers duty by law to ensure that their employees are not paid anything below this. Another example of rights and obligations would be low income families and single mothers who rely on benefits having adequate shelter, food and clothing for their children. This is a complex subject and has caused a lot of controversy as the money used to provide low income families with


these necessities is down to tax payers. As can be clearly seen from examining this area all individuals have rights, however the argument in relation...