My Thoughts of the Video Shown on 11/09/07

My Thoughts of the Video shown on 11/09/07

On Tuesday 11th of September we were shown a video which contained many famous artists and the artists work. The artists would talk about their own work while also explaining other famous artists at the same time, and how their techniques related to theirs.
I took quite a lot of information down from this video and was able to take in many interesting points. One of them being that many of these artists described these’s as obsessive over their artwork, which I suppose is a great key factor in their art, being able to find great motivation, and not giving up. The video also showed me that experimentation was a key factor in becoming a great artist and that enjoying your own work as well as others can inspire you onto ideas which could lead to your greatest piece. All of the artists including David Hockney whose work I enjoyed, seemed to have great passion for their work, and that unlike a photograph the artists work contains emotions and also the relationship with the subjects. Some of the other artists I liked from this video included Clay whose work was produced using contours and lines which created a unique effect, and also Giacometti, whose work is very sketchy and untamed which I can relate to a lot, as I use many lines for one shape when using charcoal.
The video showed how children at a young age produce art which you can clearly see contain emotions and feelings towards their subjects. In the video children were asked to draw their parents, and their house from memory. You could see how they related to certain parts of the body from their parents, hands for instance which would be the source of touch as a young child, and in their houses you could see the carpet was very important to some of the children as they are small and the carpet is close to them, and they would be on all fours at a young age. The video showed how art was being used as an early science with children, making them look closer at plants...