Ethics in Work

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

What is Ethic?

Ethic question:
What is the right think to do now in this situation?

Many people believe that they have to do a choice between being:
    • Happy
    • Virtuous
And who choose happiness won’t be virtuous and vice-versa.

And then they have to do a 2nd choice:
    • Public me
    • Private me
For example, I may choose to be good for my friends and family (private me). But at work I will do what I have to do to be successful (public). This separation is the way that helps many people to live a life that is not virtuous, and they excuse this actions saying that the world out there is a jungle and they must protect themselves.

But this is already a choice. It’s not the ethical question.
The ethical question is how are you going to respond to the jungle? Are you going to act as a predator or you are going to act correctly, in a civilized manner. You have a choice. It is true that you don’t control the world you are living, but you control the way you act in that world.

But how can we answer the ethic question? There are several people that try to answer this question. One of them was S. Thomas Aquinas.
Why choosing this theory?:
• First one to create a fully philosophy system.
• Influential system in catholic church
• It’s the most simple philosophy system in the world

Theory of S. Thomas Aquinas

The purpose of these system is to decide about human actions.
For S. Thomas Aquinas there are only 2 type of acts:
• Good acts
• Bad acts
Also the human acts can be:
• Internal actions: It’s related with the thinking of the person
• External action: It’s also related with an action of the body.

But this doesn’t mean that when we drink water we are doing something good or wrong. Therefore he divided:
• Acts of man: done by me because I have a body
• Human acts: Result from thinking

Everything that results from a deliberate act is good or bad....