Ethics in Educational Management


Facts of the Case:

There is one Computer College Institution wherein the School Administrator is not just tasked to oversee the school’s operation but was also given the job to market the institution and meet the quota in terms of number of new enrollees. Thus, the School Administrator also handles the marketing department composed of Marketing Manager and course consultant.

The School Administrator was given the directive to conduct monthly evaluation of   marketing people based on their monthly quota. Given such directive, after thorough evaluation, the contract of those who failed to meet their quota were pre- terminated.  

Among those who were terminated was Sales Employee A. Sales employee A applied in the school through referral of the School’s accounting personnel who happened to be Sales Employee A’s girlfriend. Prior to his termination, this employee, through the help of his accountant girlfriend, interfered in the processing of his salary and ordered the release of such without informing the immediate superior. Upon knowing the incident, the Administrator issued a notice to explain to the Accountant girlfriend of Sales employee A and spoke to the latter as verbal warning. It has also come to the knowledge of the Administrator that Sales Employee A incurred substantial amount of debt to his co-employees.

After receiving his termination paper, Sales Employee A went straight to the HR assistant, who happens to be his accountant girlfriend’s friend. It is through the HR assistant that Sales Employee A divulged his sentiments directly against the School Administrator who is also his immediate superior. According to him, allegedly, the School Administrator reports thrice a week only. He also alleged that the Administrator opposes to the sales training idea of the top management thus, not requiring the sales team to attend. Sales Employee A also alleges the ‘foul’ words being used by the...