Ethical Issues and Management

Ethical Issues and Management Paper
Lauriena Franks
August 26, 2011
Dean McCullough

Ethical Issues and Management
Several businesses around the globe depend on managers for a wide variety of skills necessary to successfully operate a business.   Successful management depends on one’s ability to make ethical decisions and abide by the laws protecting ethical behavior.   Ethical dilemmas occur throughout several aspects of management.   Consider the decisions a manager faces when hiring, terminating, evaluating performances, and disciplining employees.
Ethical decision-making requires honest, fairness, and consideration for individual dignity.   Managers responsible for terminating employees face several challenges surrounding termination laws and ethical decision making.   Termination of employee’s occurs for several reasons ranging from an employee’s actions, poor work performance, and employee layoffs.   In most organization an employee’s unacceptable actions resulting in termination is referred to as cause (Trevino, Nelson, 2007).  
In contrast several organizations hire employee’s “at will” meaning the employer or employee can terminate his or her employment with or without reason (Fedorkiw, 2010).   When a manager of an organization is faced with terminating an employee several moral and ethical issues arise.   The manager must remain honest, fair, follow the code of ethics, and respect the employee’s dignity.   Managers must be willing to advise, educate, question, investigate, and act as a positive role model for employees in all situations.

Ethical Issues and Management
As a manager with the job duty of terminating an employee several morals and ethics must be followed before terminating the employee.   Before making the decision to terminate the employee the manager must determine and justify the reason for termination.   The manager must remain honest with all parties involved and determine the correct line of discipline.   Remaining honest...