Ethics Essay

Hospitals implement programs to secure patient satisfaction, when a patient is seeking
care.   However the programs implemented cause other problems that have not been successfully
address to secure that the proper actions are being taken when a patient shows a concern or
problem with their care.   In some cases patients that are not in a state, that would allow them to
make an ample analysis of their situation cause harm to the caregivers in question.   I plan to
show two sides to the patient care satisfaction reports, the side of the health care professional and
the side of the patient receiving care.  
The patient satisfaction reports started to help minimize the unsatisfied patient, receiving
care in hospitals and to help set a higher standard for patient care. However the care management
in hospitals are quick to jump when an accusation is made on a health care professional.   Some
patients are heavily medicated and don’t realize half of what they are being asked or what they
are saying when they are asked.   Another problem that accrues is when a caregiver has been
caring for a patient, for an extended amount of time and an accusation has been made, sometimes
the caregiver is falsely accused by the patient or patient’s family.   This can harm the caregiver
that only gave proper care, especially when they are not the cause of any problems.   When a
patient is asked to describe a caregiver in question, in some cases the patient will describe a
person they have had care for them, regardless of which one they are.   This happen frequently
when the patient is not in any condition to even describe what they had for dinner that day.  
Another problem that accrues is the situation where a patient is the type of person that is not
happy with anything that happens in a hospital or other institution because they don’t want to be
there or was forced to go.   They will have concerns or be unsatisfied requardless of their care.
Even though...