Individual Ethics Essay
10 July 2012

Being a former military which; is ethically based and supports the deontological theory more than any of the three. Personally, I feel that it was my duty to serve my country. After the readings this week, I believe that I am virtuous person.   I believe that a person’s character tells who they are and their actions are only a small part of who they become in different situations. Ethically my job was to say the enemy is the enemy and we should not care about them or their family. Morally and personally I wanted to get to know the person and their character before making a judgment. Theories are formed to display different beliefs, most of the time people agree with a portion of different beliefs rather than the entire concept. Theories are often used to put characters into perspective or to help people figure out who they are and where they belong. The virtue theory, the utilitarianism theory and deontological theory have similarity and differences. The theories address ethics and morality differently, which makes it difficult to decide which one to go with.
Virtues are what are instilled in us to help us determine good and bad, or wrong or right.  Morals reflect what we believe to be appropriate in society or our community and values are what we hold close to us and differ from individual to individual.  Values may be anything from personality or friendships, or emotions.  All of these attributes help shape the person we are and help make us good individuals in society.  They also influence our decision making process.  They are different in terms of how those concepts are instilled in us.  Ethics can come from our family; values can come from a variety of sources, friends, family and society.  Morals are provided through society.  They all shape who we are but through different avenues. Virtue ethics theory stands on the position that “we become good when we cultivate excellence (virtue) by pursuing the...