Essay Module 4 - Nov 2014 Using Mr X’s Case Study Provided at the End of the Module: • Identify the Client’s Issues • Explain the Client’s Issues • Devise a Course of Treatment for Him • Take in Account Any Ethical Issues

Anne Swindley
Course code: READI 1S(B) 14
Tutor: Amrita Chapman
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Essay Module 4 - Nov 2014
Using Mr X’s case study provided at the end of the module:
• Identify the client’s issues
• Explain the client’s issues
• Devise a course of treatment for him
• Take in account any ethical issues


My client, Mr X is in his mid-forties. He has worked as an Estate Agent in the same company for 18 years. He came to me in my capacity as a hypnotherapist because he has a strong desire to change his circumstances regarding a number of life challenges: a managerial new job, his social life, his relationship with his mother and girlfriend. In this essay, I will in the first instance identify and explain my client’s issues then devise a course of treatment taking into account any ethical issues.

Part 1 – Identify and explain the client’s issues

First of all, my client came to me with a strong desire to change his life in specific areas: job, social life, family and love life. He feels that he has a lot of reservation in taking action to make things happen. For example, the manager’s job in his branch has become available. A part of Mr X wants to apply for the job as deep down he knows that he has the skills to do it. The other part of him does not want to apply for it in case he does not succeed in this new job and create trouble within the branch. He said that something hold him back and he cannot put his finger on it.
He also said that socially, he find difficult to fit in. For example, his work colleagues perceive him as boring because he never goes out with them for a drink after work on a Friday. He said that the reason is not because he does not want to socialize but because it is the day he visits his mother who lives in a nursing home. He is afraid to change the day of visit and have her picking on him even more than she usually does.
He is scared of being rejected by others. For...