Ethical Issues in Management

                                          Ethical Issues in Management
                                          By: Jerry C Wise
                                            Instructor: John Goller
                                            Class: XMGT/216
                                            Date: February 2, 2013

Managers in today’s work place have a lot of dilemmas to deal with when they have to evaluate employees. The main problem is to remain unbiased when looking at an employee’s record, and performance.   “Ethical handling of employee evaluations has a critical nature within an organization. Most organizations take employee evaluation into account for such decisions as retention, advancement potential, assignment to special projects and eligibility for temporary duty positions that may qualify the employee for future permanent advances. In a well-handled circumstance, evaluations can even help in the identification and implementation of training geared to improve the employee's value to the organization. Hence, employees have a major stake in management conducting evaluations ethically.” When a manager sees a file they generally only see what’s in the file and not the person or what the person can contribute to the company.   This can cause many ethical and moral issues within a company. Many times a company uses employee evaluations to help with firing undesirable employees. This works with companies located in states that are considered right-to-work states. This means that these states give the right to employers to let employees go without giving employees sufficient reason.   Other states tend to follow a pro union stance on employment.   This is where the evaluations on employees come into play. This allows employers to give reason to let certain employees go.
The first problem with this is that the company does not give a good look at the employees, and tends to go on rumors about the employee. The manager does not look at the employee...