Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical Dilemmas Summary
Dekitcha Gallow
Teresa Anderson

Ethical Dilemmas Summary
In this day and age people everywhere are faced with the decision of right and wrong or "Should I or Shouldn't I?"  The even harder decisions come when it is a decision that you have always known that was illegal, but now it is legal.  What is it that you think should be done in that situation and how should you handle it? This is a day where marijuana has been legalized in a few states and this is about the police officer that has decided to get in on that new market. 
Ever since marijuana has been legalized in a number of states a lot of people are cashing in on the new market.   One person is a police officer in Washington who, in the past, was sworn to arrest people for possession of this drug.   Now he is getting in on the whole thing.   As he has stated that he isn’t a “weed smoker”, but he will do whatever to make a profit off of it and not have to worry about any legal ramifications of being caught with it or paraphernalia that deals with it.   This market has a wide variety of customers and it also has stiff limits and regulations on the sale of it as well.
This was a great decision for the states to make because it means revenue for their states and it also cuts out the illegal sales of marijuana.   By doing this it has knocked one illegal drug off of the list of a great many other drugs that are still listed as illegal.   This means that if a person is pulled over and the police smell marijuana then the driver probably would not have to worry about facing jail time for possession of an illegal substance.   Some officers may find this somewhat hard because they were so used to arresting people for possession, but now unless that person has more than the legal amount of marijuana on his person then they have to simply let that person go.