Ethical Dilemma


A TIME OF INFAMY – Ethical Dilemma |
Role | Character | Family | Ethical Dilemma |
    1. | Robert, aged 23 | Jackson(Farmers) Navy | You are in a coffee shop and overhear a discussion. Critics of FDR are blaming him for leaving Pearl Harbor unprepared. Extremists even claim that he invited the Japanese attack in order to have a reason for war. You have formed your own opinion and give it to the group. What do you tell them? |
    2. | Mr. Jackson aged 52 | Jackson(Farmers) | Business has never been better!   With the war going on, there is always a place to sell produce from your farm at a good price.How does this affect the way you do business? |
    3. | Marietta,aged 16 | Perez(Munitions) | You find metal in your basement.   Do you keep it or give it to the scrap drive? |
    4. | Jose, aged 22 | Perez(Munitions) | It's the beginning of the month and you lose your ration book.What will you do? |
    5. | Emily, aged 30 | Swanson(Reporter) | You receive mail from a Japanese American friend of yours who is interned in a relocation camp during the war.   Do you reply to the message or ignore it? |
    6. | Michael, aged 24 | Swanson(Air Force) | While home on leave, you are asked if FDR’s policy of unconditional surrender for the enemy discouraged the anti-Hitler resistance within Germany. You give your opinion. |
    7. | Mr. Swanson, aged 52 | Swanson(Radio station owner-pacifist) | An underground Nazi group contacts you because they know you do not support the war.   Your fellow Americans have been anything but kind to you.   Do you betray them? |
    8. | Suzuki, aged 14 | Ogawa (relocation camp/ grocery store owners) | Your mother speaks very little about what is happening to your family.   You know that she is very unhappy.   You write a poem to comfort her. |
    9. | Mr. Ogawa, aged, 34 |...