Eth 125 Week 5

Identify one racial group from the list below:

• African American
• Asian American
• Middle Eastern American
• Hispanic American/Latino
• Native American

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper from one of the perspectives below:

• A historian writing about the racial group in a book chapter
• A news reporter writing a newspaper article or blog entry about the racial group
• An individual member of the racial group, writing a personal letter to a friend who is not a member of that racial group

Prepare a document that follows APA Style, to include a title, running head, and References page.   Do not quote more than 10% of the document.   The Abstract page is unnecessary, although an introductory and concluding statement is required as part of the body of the text regardless of which option is selected.  

Answer the following inquiries in your response:

1. Summarize theU.S.history of the racial group.

1. What concerns and political, social, and cultural issues have been at the forefront for the group with regard toU.S.history?

1. DiscussU.S.legislation and policies, identifying prejudicial and discriminatory acts against the group.   How did the group react and/or combat the laws/policies enacted to prevent equality?

1. What is the present status of the group in theU.S.with regard to equal treatment and acceptance?

1. Explain the impact of history on the present status of the group in theU.S.

Post the completed assignment and CoO as two separate attachments to the Assignment link in the Classroom.