Eth 125 Week 3 Checkpoint

As an immigrant from Mexico, I believe that coming to the United States would greatly improve my livelihood and my families.   I do not believe that the US Governments immigration policy should favor any specific immigrant group.   I believe that everyone who wants to come to the United States should be able to without the unnecessary undue issues that often face many immigrants.   Citizenship should be offered and granted to anyone who is able to pass and complete the Citizenship process.  
The United States has always been thought of as a fair and safe place to live and will accept anyone who properly becomes a Citizen of the United States of America.   Citizenship should not be granted to only those who are needy, talented, or rich but to everyone who desires to better themselves and their families and attain US Citizenship properly and not illegally.  
As stated above, applications from persons from certain countries should not be given precedence over anyone else’s just because they are from a specific country.   It should be fair and Citizenship should be granted to those who legally request and acquire proper documentation.  
Becoming a US Citizen for many immigrants is very important step to fulfilling their lives and their families.   Many of these people feel that there is no amount of money or time that will stop them from reaching their ultimate goal of becoming a US Citizen.   This will allow them to find employment, no fear of deportation, Government assistance if needed, the right to vote, and the ability to sponsor family members to come to the United States and become citizens as well.