Eth 125 Week 5 Checkpoint

Week Five
As early as the 1600’s Arabs began immigrating to the North and South. The first group was made up of Christian Syrians and Lebanese, which immigrated to the United States between 1875 and 1920. The word Arab describes a cultural and linguistic term and identifies one who is Arab, speaks Arabic as their first language or is a descendant of Arabic speakers.   Arabs are considered to be part of an ethnic group and not a racial group. After the 1970’s immigrants from the Arab World were similar in terms of their country of origin, religious background, and education, which allowed them to be part of a multiracial heterogeneous group. This group of individuals practice different types of religion, which include Christian, Jewish religion, Druze, etc (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, 2005).
Muslims are followers of the monotheistic religion of Islam, and believe that their faith is a combination of Judaism and Christianity. Muslims use Arabic language when referring to God and in prayers. The Qur’an is part of the belief of the Muslims, which is the basis for Muslim beliefs regarding God, morality, worship, and wisdom. Muslim people can belong to diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures. For example:   Some Muslim women choose to wear head scarves, where others choose not to wear head scarves. Muslims and Arabs are somewhat similar individuals, but their religions may present different beliefs, cultures, and traditions(American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, 2005).
The United States has taken a few steps over the past couple of years to make changes to policies that support Muslims and Arabic members of society.   One of these changes was introduced by President Obama, displaying efforts to promise a new beginning for Arabs and Muslims. Another effort to reach Arabic and Muslim people included memorable moments in advertising campaign to “brand America,” which included a lifestyle magazine, a youth pop radio station,...