I think , the events on the life of someone make some impact on the life of every person, but one’s make more influence than others.   Experience that had a positive Impact on my life. This is my story.

On my personal case, one of this events change the point of view and the life of one, that   was on February 1991 on Saudi Arabia on   king Khalid Military City, I working on the Saudi military hospital. I was 29 years old, a young athletic fit, Puertorrican guy with so many goals on my life.   I worked on the emergency room like a emergency nurse and   the senior sergeant on   this shift, I was   in charge of the 10 American soldiers and 5 Saudi national guard Hospital   corpsman’s, one   of my duty’s   was to check and inspected   35th   military ambulance’s on our parking lot, closer to and behind of the helicopter path.   That day looked like another day, was calm and relaxed no rush on this morning, the temperature was on 99.5F. It was like other day.
  But before let me say something about the place and the hospital,   The King Khalid Military City was used to house thousands of American and other coalition soldiers during Operation Desert Storm. Many countries representing the coalition during the Persian Gulf War more than 125,000. The Troops from two countries (Czechoslovakia and France) reported chemical agent detections during Operation DESERT STORM.
    The detections were confined to within an approximately 35 mile radius near Hafir al Batin and King Khalid Military City, and all the detections occurred within the first week of the air war campaign of Operation DESERT STORM. The Czechoslovakia detections made on January 1991 are credible to us and the personnel who work on the ground.

  At 10am, of the 20 of January 1991, just before to make my routine inspection of the vehicles, I saw a flash on the sky, seconds later I saw, like a big ball of fire who approaching to me, I closed my eyes and go down on my knee’s down and I filled like...