Peter's Essy

  * Romeo kills himself because the passion of love that he has for Juliet and ha thought that she was dead
  * Romeo is a great teller of love as he is trying to recreate the feeling he had read about
  * The love she shared with Rome was more than different than the cut love Romeo felt for Rosaline
  * As the film goes on Romeo’s love is more serious as they are sharing passionate love for each other
  * Romeo’s deeper capacity for love is merely a part of a larger containment all a lot of different feelings.
  * He wanted to see her once more even though he could get caught as it was love at first sight and is amazed at her
  * He doesn’t think about his actions and the consequences as he doesn’t judge the situation very well.
  * The extreme measure that he takes dominates his character throughout the play and ends up in tragedy for him.
  * Romeo shows some social persona when he is around his friend as he is intelligent, quick witted, verbal jousting, loyal and isn’t scared of danger.

  * She is age 14, which is between immaturity and maturity as in the beginning she in naive, obedient and   sheltered
  * When Juliet’s mother said that Paris is interest to marry she says that she will try is she can love him as it seem a childish in its obedience and immature concept of love.
  * She doesn’t have any friends that are her friends and is discomforted when the nurse talks about sex.
  * She gave a little bit of determination, strength and sober mindedness as it is a preview on when she becomes a women
  * When she meets Romeo she is being propelled into adulthood through their love as she can criticize his actions and his romance side.
  * She makes the decision to stay with Romeo even though he killed her cousin because her loyalty and the love for Romeo.
  * She cuts herself   from the social side of life because she wants to be reunited Romeo so they can live in peace

  * Mercutio is a clever minded...