Ashley Frederick
Prof. Sherman
English 111: _090___
July 9, 2012

      Negativity of Television on Today’s Youth
      Television and media can have devastating and negative affect on today’s youth.   It can start at an early age.   It does not discriminate on any one age, race, or social class.   The negativity not only influences our young boys, but it can impact the lives of our preteen and teen girls, and these influences can start rearing their ugly head at as young as four and five years old.   There are not only short term effects from the yucky stuff on television, but the short terms effects usually turn into long term effects.   There are plenty of positive things to watch on television, say the people who rally that television is great for our young people, but this takes much time and effort from a very busy society, and non-sealant parents, and takes more work than most caretakers/parents are willing to do, unfortunately.
      Today, in order for most of us to be interested, and for things to sell, there has to be, blood, gore, violence, and sex.   This is especially true for things that young boys like to watch and find their heroes in.   What is portrayed on television are boys, teens, living a fast and easy life, consisted of a life of crime, with fast money, fast cars, and fast women.   They must live up to the status as the fighter, ladies’ man, and gangster.   On television, this lifestyle seemingly has no bad consequences.   So what, you get a young girl pregnant, you can just leave her, you can sell drugs until your old and grey, and never get caught, and if you will not fight and commit violent crimes, well, you’re not a real man.   In true fact this type of life is very hard to maintain and is also very dangerous with life costing consequences.   They do not show that on the movies though.   If most of these acts were permitted, this world would really be a terrible place to be in.   In the movies, these things are of the norm., not going to...