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It's a very muggy morning today.   It is 1 July 1863, and the Union Army is on the retreat after our recent victories.   They have gone to a small town called Gettysburg.   It is there where I feel the battle that will shape the future of this country is going to take place.   I have sent our scouts to look the lay of the land and the position of the enemy.   We have the upper hand as of now, but only time will tell what will truly happen.   Three of the most important things to know about the battle of Gettysburg are the commanding generals and their strategies, the headquarters for both armies, and the major skirmishes in the battle. Kent, using a first person narration is an interesting approach, but since this is an academic paper that will require you to cite sources, it would be better to write in 3rd person to maintain a professional tone.

In light of what has occurred over the last three days, I will concede this battle as a loss for our Confederate Army.   General Meade and his officers proved their strategies and tactics were superior to ours, and the location of their headquarters allowed them to relay information to the batallions(sp) from the command post much faster than ours.   As for our artillery barrage this morning led by General Pickett, we were simply it too much of a disadvantage for it to have worked to our advantage(confusing sentence structure).   We will live to fight another day, but I sense the end of the war is near.   Interesting concept, But since you are taking the persona of a participant in the battle, it will be difficult to cite sources, to combine sources with your personal opinion, etc.   I would suggest avoiding the first person narration.

Kent Smith

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