Speech Essay- Keating/Aung San Suu Kyi

Speech Essay

Keating in his speech,”The Unknown Soldier”, has been successful in getting the audience involved in the speech. This is achieved by the repetition of “the unknown soldier” throughout the speech and at the end the “unknown soldier” is now known. Keating also invokes the audiences participation through the sad tone and the language used, as the purpose is simple and elegant.

The one line   intro is very effective in gaining the audience's attention, it manifests a sense of unity in the audience. Keating's next paragraph uses the repetition of “we do not know” five times followed with the slight variation “we will never know”. Keating is very clever here as this repetition starts off subtle and builds up to a climax. This emotional build plays on the audience and forces them to sympathise with the families who have lost loved ones during the war. Keating has now got the whole audience mesmerised just after the intro of the speech and this allows myself to appreciate what a great speech maker he is.

In the following paragraph Keating again uses repetition, “one of the”, however this time he also uses statistics from WW1. This paragraph is used to flow on from the previous and again makes the audience empathise with the lost one's families. This section ends with one line “he is all of them. And he is one of us”. The inclusive tone is used again to reinforce the intro, to unite the audience as one. It also links the audience to the 100000 Australians that have died fighting for this country and lures people into wanting to hear more of the speech, which again lets me appreciate how effective Keating's speech is so far.  

Keating has been poetic in describing what the war was truly like. He uses imagery and emotive language, “mad, brutal, awful struggle...waste of human life” to paint a clear picture for the audience about the horrors of war. This then reiterates the recurring idea of honouring he memory of all those who have died defending our...