Wriging Essay

Area of Study :   Belonging Essay Plan
  * Thesis statement (Reword the statement you receive in the exam)
  * Respond to question
  * Introduce prescribed text – Peter Skyznecki poems: “Feliks Skyrznecki” and “St Patricks College”
  * Introduce 2 related text – “Ride of Zhu Bao Sheng” by Nick Long and “Finding a friend” by Indrani Ganguly
Main Body:
(Prescribed Text) Skyznecki poem 1: “Feliks Skyzrnecki”
  * State Thesis statement (but try rephrase it differently from Introduction thesis statement)

  * Write a brief description/analysis of what you are going to talk about: Its about a son and his father, how the father doesn’t keep up with his new surroundings, as he arrives from overseas to Australia. He chooses to take care of his garden, and seems to belong to his garden more than the Society in his new habitat. He seems to relate more to his polish culture. His son doesn’t feel he can relate to the polish culture, so he therefore distances himself from his father, and their relationship is damaged.

  * Techniques:

  * 1. Metaphor is used to convey and an aspect of reluctance and disconnection between Feliks Skryznecki who is the father and Peter skyrznecki who is the son, it shows the barriers between them. Peter cannot relate to his father’s expression of his polish culture, and is reluctant to accept the polish culture. (the quote) “Further and further south of Hadrian’s wall” conveys the increasing distance between father and son. Shows that Peter is sliding and drifting away from his father, and disassociating himself with the polish culture.

2. Hyperbole is used to portray an aspect of attachment in his own environment. Hyperbole has been used to expose how much Feliks cares about his garden. “Spent years walking its perimeter, from sunrise to sleep.” This evidently shows that he Feliks is obsessed with his garden and that he seems to always staying in his garden, which ultimately shows an aspect of belonging.