Essay for Nvq Level 3 in Hospitality

I open the branch at 8.30am; I turn all the lights on in the restaurant and bar, turn on the computer, check the float and the cash, fill in the bank book and close the week on the system.
I check the email to see if there is any party booking if yes I replay to them so I can fine out what are there need, for example if they went a dinner or lunch set menu in the restaurant or just drink and canapĂ© in the bar, the number of guest attending the party, what time they are coming, then send them the drink list and the food menu so I can have the food and wine pre-order as soon as possible to do my function sheet, one for the floor and one for the kitchen, tell the chef what it will have to order,   do my ordering according to there need, check if I need furzier equipment and see how many staff I will need to work. With the email, I receive as well all the update from head office, the promotion we have to put in place; the change of the wine, menus, and supplier, everything happening in the company.
After that I do the utility reading for the new week as well as my health and safety check to do it: I have to check the emergency lighting; check the pest monitoring; check the fire alarm, escape and appliances; check the date stamping in the fridge to see if the food as not expire; check fridge delivery temperatures and core temperatures, if one of the fridge start to get hire I will check the temperature of the food if the food still in the safety zone I will transfer the food in another fridge and call the approve reaper contractor so the problem can be fix as soon as possible; check food preparation areas to prevent any cross contamination; check the glass and dish washers; check the ice machine and the fridges; check the first aid box; check the cleaning records; at the end of the month I do the monthly health and hygiene audit and the thermometer calibration. All her health, hygiene, safety and security issues are constantly update and display on the staff notice...