Essay 204

Essay 204

Recognising signs of abuse

Various types of abuse are physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, financial, institutional, self neglect and neglect by others.
They can be defined as follows:

Physical: The physical ill treatment of a person which may or may not cause physical injury. Physical abuse can also occur when people are not provided with adequate care and support, causing them unjustifiable physical discomfort.

Sexual: Sexual abuse includes acts which involve physical contact or non-physical contact. Contact abuse can include rape, sexual assault,and touching in a sexual way. Non-contact abuse can include people being forced to be photographed naked or made to let other people look at their body.

Psychological: There is usually a psychological element to all forms of abuse. It may involve; The abuser acting in a calm but destructive manner, humiliating a person, treating a person as a child, and, indifference to the needs of a person.

Financial: This involves a persons funds or possessions being taken or used inappropriately by a third party.

Institutional: This can involve practices of abuse in an institutionalised environment, for example, where the rights of the person using the service are denied. This can involve, amongst other things, ignoring other forms of abuse, abuse by one or more staff member or staff misusing any power they may have over the people using their services.

Neglect: This is the deliberate withholding of, or intentional failure to provide a necessary level of care and support for an adult to meet his or her needs. This can include self-neglect which may include purposely not eating, or neglect by others, which may include not providing adequate food.

Some signs that can be associated with various types of abuse may include:

Psychological: Low self-esteem, depression, lack of confidence, agitation and increased levels of confusion.

Physical: Injuries in unusual places, injuries in the...