How to Embed Functional Skills

Explain ways to embed functional skills in your specialist area

functinal skills are transferable skills "this means they can be transfered to different situations as well as being used in a learners particular subject area "
(Anne gravells 2008:70)
I am planning to teach ESOL, sofunctional skills which are English maths and ICT will be very important to my learners.
After an initial assessment i could then see what level my students were at, this would help me identify any additional support they require.
I understand that mabey their English is poor but they could be mathematicians or computer literate in there everyday job so initial assesment is crucial.
I would hope to use learning challenges that set functional skills in a variety of different scenarios that are relevant ( and therefore engaging to students ).
One way to help with maths is to use role play, where i would split the class into groups of 3, one acting as a bus driver and the other 2 as passengers.
We could then work out how much change was needed from £5 note if the fare was £1.75, the roles would be changed after 5 min.
For English I would set up a task to differentiate between fact and opinion.
I would give out a piece of text with a good mix of both and ask them to identify fact from opinion.
To develop I.C.T. I would invite students o enter a singing competition.
To do this they must write an e - mail to show, write the details in   a diary, using the interent, work out how t get to the audition from the station, using train
and bus time tables.