Although many people ignore the fact that global warming effects are evident, we should be taking notice to the severe weather conditions, the spread of disease and rising temperatures.   Global warming is taking place right now as we speak.   We have to take measures to help protect our environment.
  1. What does this mean for humanity?   It means simply we have to start taking measures to protect our environment.   There are two main forces that are destroying our planet and one of them is humanity.   Scientist believe as well, that global warming is happening at a more rapid rate than expected.   Our environment has experienced climate change in the past but what humanity is doing it’s causing the greenhouse gas concentration to increase at a rapid rate.
  2. Scientist predicts as the world uses more fossil fuel, the effects will continue to rise at a rapid rate.   Scientist predict that the average temperature could rise between 2 degrees F to 6 degree F by the end of the 21st century,   This will still occur even if the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced   simply because the earths system has not fully adapted to the environmental changes that are already happening.
Carbon pollution is another reason that our planet is getting hotter, increasing the chances of weather disasters.   The climate change will have an impact on water supplies in the coming decades; studies found that more than 1,100 counties will face higher risk of water shortage by mid-century as the result of global warming.   Over 400 of these counties will face higher risk of water shortage.
  1. Scientist state that 25% of the annual increase of carbon dioxide found in the earth’s atmosphere is caused by the extreme changes and usage of the earth’s natural resources , other things that contribute to this include deforestation, salinization desertification and overgrazing also contribute to global warming.
  2. There are more gases out there that are diminishing our planet such gases are...