Managing & Responding to Behaviour in a Learning Enviroment

Task 1: Describe and discuss the aspects of national legislation, which have relevance to behaviour in the learning environment.

The National Legislation describes Crowds and the importance for safety. HSE talks about how important it is primarily a management responsibility and requires the application of the best practices of health and safety management. All who run venues, organise events or manage places, which attract crowds, should have a health and safety management system, which anticipates, monitors and controls potential crowding risks.
Because venues, both fixed and transient, are large and complex spaces, the management of crowds requires teamwork with good communications and co-ordination between those responsible for the overall operation and those managing crowds face to face. Effective teamwork depends on senior managers providing a positive and pro-active safety culture so that staff at all levels is aware of the importance of crowd safety.
Wimbledon has on one course ninety students’ this group of ninety students share a room when it comes to registration every morning. The classroom contains maximum thirty people with tables and chairs and that would be the best solution for this room and students. When it comes to safety in this building and some rooms they are over crowed with students’ some don’t have adequate space to work, path ways walk ways hard to pass, its becoming a hazard for students and staff as they need to move freely when in and around rooms, plus in such a tight environment the rooms are very small, if a fire evacuation was to take place, I could see a major hazard building within classrooms and hall ways.

I believe management has never discussed the issue of over crowding at Wimbledon, they require three classrooms for morning and afternoon registrations. They have three classrooms’ ready to use for normal classes but chose to engage all students in one room, the course has 3 tutors who have tutor groups’ they could...