Interclean-Enviro Tech Merger Hrm548

To: Board of Directors, InterClean-Enviro Tech Merger
From: HR Consultant
Date: September 26, 2010
Re: InterClean-EnviroTech Merger
InterClean has begun a shift in their strategic goal. The new direction of the company is one focused on a “solutions and service model” through the creation of “full-range service packages” that are designed to meet the individual needs of each client (University of Phoenix, 2010). In conjunction with this new strategic direction, InterClean has merged with Enviro Tech, a major competitor in the cleaning and sanitation industry with primary focus on institutional and industrial venues (University of Phoenix, 2010). As with any merger, there will need to be an evaluation of the options available in relation to workforce planning that is aligned with the organizational goals of InterClean. InterClean will need to determine if rightsizing, a factor of many mergers, is a viable option. In the event of job elimination, a plan must be developed to ensure the process is conducted ethically, legally, and the steps desired in the righsizing process. InterClean will need to “think outside the box” via brainstorming sessions to reach unique resolutions in overcoming daily workforce challenges (Cotton, 2007, p. 50 para 7).
Viable Options  
In the event two organizations deem a merge is in the best interest of both companies, decisions must be made in relation to intertwining two different workforces. Such is the case with InterClean and Enviro Tech following a recent decision to shift the strategic direction of InterClean. The new strategic goal of InterClean requires a need to provide new training to the current InterClean sales force while incorporating 60 additional personnel from Enviro Tech (University of Phoenix, 2010). One viable option is for the company simply to incorporate the additional workforce generated by the merger of the two companies. Although this may be a viable option, InterClean may not have the...