Act Green !
Imagine a world clean and green,
                      Wouldn’t it be the best you have ever seen?

                  The Earth, the garden of beauty and epitome of life, the vast splendorous greenery, rivers deep and blue. At one point in time it was all   true but now it is the antithesis of   the above all description . What it is now it wasn’t then. In the beginning god created man and earth giving man intelligence and sense, earth reserves and fruitfulness. Using this intelligence, insensitively, man exploited mother earth.
Now all we see is a sullied earth robbed of its exquisiteness and wealth. Bereft of its previous lushness.

                  Millions of theories and a bulk of thesis have been propounded on the environmental concerns, causes and effects of hazards and methods of conservation. There have been number of campaigns. We have the Summits, the Rio de Janeiro to Copenhagen, The Go Green Campaign, NDTV Greenathon, posters, t-shirts, street plays, ads, legislation, books and so forth and so on…

                  Maybe by the time we chart out our action plans and finish our campaigns we would land up in concrete jungles, filling up our ozone with CFC and our lungs with Carbon Monoxide where the polar ice melts. It is time we ACT

                  We can contribute for sustainability in our own small ways like the squirrel that helped Lord Ram in construction of Setu.

                  Minifying the wastage of gas fuel and electricity by switching off engine when there is no green signal; using car pool and public transport; walking to workplace and school if possible; switching off fan and light; using power saving devices; taking stairs instead of lifts; using solar power; using rechargeable batteries; closing   the tap when not in use; harvesting rain water; reducing consumption of soaps and detergents; reusing the   household water; planting   more regional plants and trees; taking care of the trees around us; stopping...