Enrollment and Billing System

Chapter I
  I. Background Of The Study
Enrollment is a process where students have the opportunity to enter in a school. It is significant for every school to implement this especially to the students who wish to be enrolled in and become an official student. Students cannot go through the said process without taking the entrance examination as the first step. After taking an entrance examination, the school has its own entrance examination fee and this examination will determine if you will pass the school standard or not. School expenses are based on fees such as miscellaneous, facilities, and other fees that will be registered on your enrollment form, and as a student you can trace up the subjects which are in line with your course prospectus. The school registrar will assess you the the enrollment process and the cashier will be the one to receive the enrollment fee as down payment. Those students who will be officially enrolled in the school will now be monitored by the registrar by identifying the student’s personal information- name, birthdate, course, etc.

  II. Statement of the Problem
This study is aimed towards determining the general concerns of the students regarding the enrollment as well as the student billing system of Computer Sense College of Davao.   The researchers wish to determine the problems encountered by the respondents with regard to the aforementioned aspects.   It further seeks to address the following concerns:

  1. Manual encoding of student records
Manual encoding is time consuming during the enrollment of a student. It usually takes the registrar personnel more than a few minutes to accomplish the forms and review the information once more.
  2. Misplacement of records
School records are apparently significant to the schools since it will be helpful for them in easily identify the student’s basic information- grades, subject codes, courses, school fees, and other data on the profile of the students....