Tca Enrollment System


Association of Diligent Programmers
Concepcion, Ma. Patricia Paola A.
De Dios, Patrick Miko DC.
Tolentino, Aissarina A.

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter provides review of related concepts, theories, principles and studies that were relevant for examining the problem and serves as guide to examine relationships between factors affecting the study. This includes the conceptual principles of the study, research framework, and definition of terms. Different media were used to collate information that utilizes different materials found from books, articles and internet in acquiring information related to the study.

Review of Related Literature
Manual Filing System
Manual filing system has been used when technology is still progressing. This method is truly useful before but now that we are in advanced world, we ought to use those methods that will surely make our work easier.
Many schools used Manual Filing System for storing the records of their enrolees. Using the computer as a means for storing the students’ records and .The records’ security is assured because these data are stored virtually and can be accessed by those with authorization. They will not be lost intentionally because they are not stored in files of papers which are a problem for manual filing system. The space allocated for the information would be minimized as well as the time consumed in the enrolment of the system.
Manual Filing System is the type of storing used by The Cardinal Academy up to now. It takes longer time to store the records needed and the security is always questioned regarding the students’ records. The time it takes to track the records is longer than intended.
Enrolment System
            Enrolment system is used in recording a student’s information. A well-built one will reduce the load on the people that normally have to do...