The Quickenroll System

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Scope

The Background of the Study:

As a Christian Catholic institution,   STC is continuously   promoting its values to form, evangelized and committed evangelizers who will strive their best to serve and uphold the interest of their fellowmen (VMG of Saint Theresa College, 2007). Implementing its   professional development program for a well-meaning instruction, research and community extension.
STC has a dynamic concerned with the quality of education of the students equipped with the knowledge, skills and values necessary in today’s changing environment.
Eventually, STC, is always offering the new program courses which is commendable to our society like; BS in Accountancy, BS in Accounting Technology, BS in Information Technology and many more and probably produced highly competent graduates with a sense of responsible leadership in the local and international community.  
Nowadays, STC, is trying to develop its technology with the use of Academic Portal [to the students] and the QuickEnroll System [to the enrollment system] which is the internet-based comprehensive effective e-learning system which supplements learning experience to the students and to the teachers.
The Reason why you undertake the Study:  

I undertake this study, the QuickEnroll System in order to know more about the importance of computerized enrollment system especially in today’s world.   Since, our time now is more on technology and the institution thinks always that its good to adopt QuickEnroll System, and because this can help our Enrollment makes or generate more faster and easier and to know-how and creative processes that may assist institution utilizes tools, resources and systems to solve the problems regarding big enrollment system.

Enrollment system
Enrollment systems are used in recording a student’s information. A well built one will reduce the load on the People that normally have to-do all the work. The University of...