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Elongated sound (: : )
Micro pause ( . )
Overlapping (I)
Length of pause in seconds (1.0)
Interviewer: Matt and Darren
Interviewee: Emeli   Sande
Matt: Freshly squeeze can we get a huge:: round of applause for the most exciting things that come out of Scotland (.) since Susan Boyle face and he::ad ( Emeli laugh)
Darren:   (I) said a lot
Matt: yeah Emilie Sande.                    
(Sound of clapping in background)
Emilie: Thank you
(Emeli song playing)
Matt: Let’s talk abou your new single it’s call heaven tell us what’s all about tell us the idea behind the the:: music :: and the words::
Emile: Ah::: god heaven came from like really long conversation I had   in the studio(.) I worked with the guy called naughty boy and we’re just kinda::: got into one those really deep:: conversations about what it means to be good and faiths religion all that type of stuffs   so Its kind of like a modern day (.)Confession or like what we deal with everyday that type of think
Matt: yeah
Emilie: yeah
Darren: nice and deep
Emilie: yeah:: it was pretty deep (laugh)   too deep for the morning
(Emilie song played form her album heaven)
Darren: We like the single we like the video too
Emeli:   Thank you
Darren: It’s really simple it’s quite low file:: in a nice way::   (1.0) where was it shot
Emeli:   Ahh:: it it’s in east London (1.0) I moved to London like 2 years ago so(1.0) I have been east for long time   now so I just wanted to do it ere(1.0) umm ::yeah
Darren: Is that is that a favourable area to you or you kind of quite partial to
Emeli:   (I) yeah like my studios (.) and battle green land life like white chapels so so it’s all where I am from
Matt: so you’re a cockney
Emeli: well:: (laugh)yeah
Darren: Scottish cockney::
Matt : on   up until now you’ve been known for sort of collaborations this is your first(.) solo outings is this your sound   is this is this what   you sound like or is it just this just this song...