Trials of OZ

1.What does he say is the threat posed by OZ?
Advocating an alternative society that challenges the beliefs and order of modern society.
2.What is the main language device he uses to influence the jury?
Quoting from Oz and using their own words against them
3.How do you know that Roberston has a low opinion of OZ?
He is constantly explaining that they had borrowed ideas from Americans implying that the writers were unoriginal
4.What is Judge Argyle’s reputation?
He is known to be very severe with his convictions
5.Why is he a judge?
He is a judge as a result of not becoming the Tory MP
6. Why isn’t the jury properly representative of society?
Because there is not a mixture of social classes or age
7. What type of jury do they get and why is this a problem?
They receive a group of older people who are from a “hard-hat” background and are the types of people who would Oz the most.
8. What is the significance of the reactions of both Judge Argyle and Detective Superintendent Luff to Felix Dennis saying “Right on!”?
It demonstrates the generational gap and the further distaste for Oz and Luff adds that it is not family appropriate
9. Roberston quotes from the transcript of Leary questioning Anderson. How according to Roberston does Leary manage to “shock” the jury?
By dramatic climax, loud voice and profanity.
10. What element does Leary use against Topolski?
11. Why does Leary struggle against De Bono?
Because he struggles with the mathematics
12. What do you think is the effect of quoting the transcript of Leary and Schofield?
It shows the frustration and slow movement of the trial
13. What word does Roberston use to describe what the trial had become?
14. What is the effect of quoting George Melly’s definition of cunnillngus?
Showing the entertainment as Robertson describes it.
15. What does this exchange tell you about the judge?
He is very serious and biased
16. Roberston quotes from the...