English Essay

4th Quarter
20th Century Poetry
Robert Frost (1874-1963)
One of Americas popular poets.
Often called the poet of New England.
He attended Dartmouth and Harvard, and graduated from neither. Won four Pulitzer prizes.
He recited a poem at the inauguration of president Kennedy in 1961.
He died in Boston in 1963.
his poems are in normal talking language. They are simple but the ideas are meaningful.
Fire and ice-frost
This poem combines humor, fury and forthrightness in an airtight package. Not a wasted syllable.
Fire -
is a symbol of passion and desire.
Ice -
is a symbol of hatred.
Love and passion are described as heat and warmth. Rudeness and hatefulness are described as cold.
The title means that fire is associated with desire or love, while ice means hatred.hatred leads to murder, revenge, and injury. Love can sometimes bring out the worst in people because it is an intense emotion. The speaker of the poem considers the age-old question: how will the world will end? He decides that either option (fire and ice) would achieve its purpose.
Examples from “fire and ice”
Each line ends with “ire, ice , or ate” rhymes.
Each line builds up the tension needed for the perfect let down
“stopping by woods on a snowy evening” -frost
Whose woods these are I think I know.-
The setting is a winters evening in a rural environment .
He will not see me stopping here.- no one is home.
My little horse must think a queer.-
To stop without a farmhouse near.-
He is stopping because it’s a beautiful scene.
The darkest evening of the year.- its probably December 21st.
It also indicates that all is not well.
He gives his harness bells a shake.-It begins with sounds.
The emphasis of these lines is silence.
The man cant’ stay around to long.
And miles to go before I sleep,-he has a long journey before he can go to sleep that night.
And miles to go before I sleep.- he has a lot of things to do before he dies.