English Essay a Room with a View and Rain Man

'if it were up to most people, they would stay the same-but time won't let them.'

Discuss how various composers have explored circumstances that influence individual or society to change.

Most people are reluctant to change, but the catalyst, time, brings upon circumstances that influence individuals or society to change. In A Room With A View, E.M Forster portrays self discovery and change through the young Lucy, who escapes the rigidity of English culture to the liberated warmth of Italy. Srhe begins to understands and change her views on society. Similar to A Room With A View, Barry Levinson has explored throughout his film Rain Man how circumstances or even people can influence individuals to change. This is explored though the character Charlie Babbitt and how his new found brother Raymond, the environment around him brings upon circumstances that changes Charlie emotionally. In contrast to these two texts Miroslav Holub encaptulates change in a way of connecting with the reader and asking them to under go a change rather then a persona of the text.
These texts all explore the progression of the individual protagonist,maturation influenced by the society and individuals surrounding them, and the possibilities change bestowes upon ones self.

The Edwardian social comedy A Room With A View explores circumstances which are evidently life altering from some of the characters These particular life altering circumstances   take place in an Italian pensione and in a corner of Surrey, England. In part One Lucy is exploring her possible change from restricting British conventions. Upon her arrival to Italy Lucy's Values are that of a quite typical English Lady, polite, a sense of propriety and class. Forster juxtaposes the symbolic differences between Italy and England. Idealised Italy   as a place of freedom and sexual expression. Italy promised raw, natural passion that inspired many British people of the era who wished to escape the constrictions of English...