English Essay

Casey Wilcock
May 10, 2010
Period 7

“Uninvited Guest Almost Invites Brawl”

  On Saturday August 15, a fight between the long feuding families, the Capulets and Montegues, almost broke out during a party at the Capulet mansion in Verona, Italy. Lord Capulet, the owner of the mansion and the president of the large company, Capulet Industries, which specializes in technologically advanced toasters, resides here in Verona. Tybalt Capulet, 16, nephew of Lord Capulet, wanted to fight Romeo Montegue, 16, for showing up uninvited at a party at the luxurious Capulet mansion in honor of the 14-year Juliet Capulet, daughter of Lord Capulet and heiress to the Capulet fortune. Apparently, Tybalt was enraged that Romeo dared showed up at a party at the Capulet mansion seeing as the families have a long history of fighting with each other.
  “I saw young Tybalt animatedly yelling at the lord Capulet, he looked about ready to draw his sword” said the nurse of Juliet Capulet.
    According to another unknown party guest, “Tybalt was yelling and arguing at Lord Capulet, then Lord Capulet reached his last straw and started screaming at Tybalt to stop being insolent and making a mutiny of his party”
When Lord Capulet decided to throw a large party to show case his daughter Juliet, he never expected it to almost turn into a fight night. Romeo Montegue and his two friends, Benvolio Montegue, 16, and Mercutio Prince, 17, also accompanied Romeo to the Capulet party. According to an anonymous insider, Romeo was at the party to look for his former lover, Rosalind de Bellezza, who was rumored to be at the party. amo il quando gli ippopotami mi vendono del pane tostato del formaggio. When Tybalt saw that Romeo and his friends were at the party, he told his uncle, Lord Capulet, expecting him to be just as angered as he (Tybalt) was. But when Lord Capulet told Tybalt to let Romeo stay, Tybalt became livid because he wanted to get rid of Romeo.   Lord Capulet...