A Room with a View and the Door Essay

“Change leads to greater understanding of oneself and others”
Discuss this statement with reference to your prescribed tests and two other texts of your own choosing.

Change affects us all and many paths can be taken to achieve this, change is inevitable and nobody can do a thing to stop it from happening.   When people go through change it brings with it a sense of knowledge and understanding of the people and things around us. In the novel A Room with a View by E.M. Forster change is experienced by the character Lucy, in part one we see feelings emerging from Lucy that she has never experienced before and she begins to question the world she was brought up in. In part two, we see Lucy change her whole way of thinking and adapt to the way George lives his life. In the poem The Door written by Miroslav Holub change is explored by the poet repeating to the responder to “go and open the door”, this is a way of saying that the responder should change things and take a chance. In the film Stand by Me directed by Rob Reiner Christopher Chambers who has been stereotyped as a ‘criminal’ because of the social stigma placed upon his while family, he experiences change with his friends on their journey. Change happens in all these texts, with these changes comes a new sense of knowledge and they understand the world better than they did before the change occurred.

In part one of A Room with a View, Lucy is slowly emerging from the “medieval” paradigms that subvert her spirit.   Catalysts for these changes are her meeting the Emersons, the kiss between George and Lucy, the experience of Italy, and all these in turn create emotions that Lucy is not used to and they create confusion which leads to change. While in Florence with her cousin Charlotte Bartlett, Lucy and her cousin are promised ‘a room with a view’ and they are not given what is promised. At dinner Mr Emerson and his son, George offer to swap rooms with the ladies, at first they are reluctant...