Enagaing in Relationships with Married Men

What makes one ,despite knowing   right from wrong, decide to go against   every moral instilled in their heart and mind since early childhood?   Love is a strong and powerful emotion that picks no particular person to   receive it, nor give it. What pushes someone to take what is not theirs to begin with?   When a man tell you he loves you and his whole world is “you and only you”, it triggers something inside that is strong and hard to resist. To find out he is married after a bonding relationship exists between the two of you is earth-shattering . How could someone this close to you lie and deceive in such a way? Now it is time to decide if to let him go and how to even begin. Morally, you know what is right and expected; emotionally, the heart is dying inside and urges you to hold on at any cost. When found in a situation as such, does one follow the heart and fight for their true soul mate?   Do you throw down your sword   and accept that he isn’t going to leave her and   move on even though your heart can’t?
In the very beginning, a whirlwind romance blossoms where everything is total bliss and it seems as though nothing could go wrong. He is so exhilarating   and makes every day the best of your life so far. On   a cold drive in from work one morning, you get the phone call, from her, the one who he really belongs to. Reality suddenly slaps you hard and it is hard to even breathe. What drives a man to cheat? What is it they are looking for that is not with them at home? And better yet, how does he share every intimate moment with you and surround his whole being with you only to take it away in an instant?
One has to wonder just what it is a man is looking for when he decides to step outside of his marriage. Those who study   married couples say men cheat due to feeling as though something is missing in their primary relationship. One therapist believes that men are not getting a certain   attention or intimacy they’re looking for with the wife they have. It is...