The Effects of Sexual Dual Role Relationships

The Effects of Dual Relationships
Argosy University
PC6300 Professional and Ethical Issues
August 8, 2011


It is quite common for counselors’ to find themselves attracted to their clients; however, acting upon any urges can have damaging results.   When counselors engage in sexual activities with their clients, they are violating their clients trust and abusing the power their clients have given them.   This unethical conduct can leave both the client and the counselor feeling alone, isolated, ashamed, guilty, depressed, and confused.   This paper is an exploration about the issue of sexual role relationships.   It includes a description of some of the adverse effects these relationships can have the client as well as the counselor. This paper also presents some of the preventative measures that counselors can to take to protect themselves and their clients from this kind of harm.

The Effects of Sexual Dual Role Relationships
People who go to see therapists’ are seeking help for various reasons.   They are looking for help, answers, or advice, for problems they are having within themselves.   When clients walk through the door into psychotherapy, they are usually trying to find a solution to an issue they are having.   They may be facing some of their fears, they might be courageously prepared to admit to their harsher truths, or maybe they plan to disclose some of their well-kept secrets.   Whatever reason brought them there, these people are taking the necessary steps to help themselves find a solution to the problem they are having.   Most people who pursue therapy do so with the expectation that they are entering into a safe and accepting environment with a person they can look up to, and will keep their interaction protected and confidential.   They should also expect to feel respected and paid attention to by their mental health specialist.   When therapists act out in abusive ways, whether it is...