Gilgamesh Epic

Cassy Rohrbach
Western Civ. Paper #1
Mr. Jim Higgins
Who’s Your Daddy?
Gilgamesh’s physical appearance gave him the Godly mentality he had in the story. Not being fully human or God, he didn’t really fit in anywhere. Being tall dark and handsome, he took advantage of women definitely rubbed me the wrong way. He was given physical attributes to take what he wanted from womenand didn’t feel he had done anything wrong. Today, men think the same way. Why is that: why do men think they can just take what they want whether it hurts another human being or not? That makes me sick to my stomach. Nothing is this world we live in is free; you have to work at everything, including productive relationships. Wake up men; you are not ‘the daddy’.Perhaps another way of viewing it is that in a democratic, free society like America, why on earth do women put up with this behavior? Get a divorce. And loooongbefore you get married, get an education so you can control your own destiny!
Friendship is a very strong part of life. Everyone needs a friend, a person they can trust and talk to and confide in. It’s not healthy to keep all of your thoughts and emotions bottled up inside yourself and not share anything. I did that for a long time. I was very lonely even though I have children and a husband; I just didn’t want to talk about my issues, problems, what excited me or made me happy. I chose to keep it all inside until one day the loneliness caused me so much pain, I decided to trust someone again. I only have one good friend, but he is the best. I probably would feel the same as Gilgamesh did when Enkidu died if something ever happened to Justin.
I like reading this, but in doing so I have realized a few things myself and others; today’s man isn’t too different then hundreds of thousands of years ago in the aspect that they both stereotypically think they are God’s gift to woman, men are still trying to find a way to stay alive forever, and friendships are amazing...