Emt Job Description

|PART A: JOB DETAILS                                                                                                           |

JOB TITLE: Ambulance Technician


HOURS: 37.5

DIRECTORATE:   A & E Operations

DEPARTMENT: Field Operations and Scheduling

REPORTING TO: Clinical Team Leader

BASE:   Various

|PART B: JOB SUMMARY                                                                                                           |

Responsible for the assessment, care, treatment, referral and transport of patients and their carers/relatives in emergency and non-emergency situations.   The postholder will routinely be expected to work without the presence of a senior clinician, in accordance with Trust policies and procedures and the required level of competence.

|PART C: KEY RELATIONSHIPS                                                                                                     |

|PART D: JOB SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                         |

1. Attend all cases of injury and illness and respond to emergency, urgent, special and planned patient transfer requests.

2. Operate as a driver or clinician, as part of a crew or as a solo responder, as appropriate.

3. Respond under emergency (or non-emergency) conditions ensuring the safety of others and driving with due regard to patient comfort, Road Traffic Regulations, your competence and with courtesy to other road users.   NB:   you will be required to drive under emergency conditions requiring intense concentration, often for prolonged periods.

4. Maintain regular communication with the Ambulance Dispatch team using radio/telephony/mobile data terminals as necessary to receive and provide call information updates and register your vehicle’s current status and availability.

5. Mobilise according to Trust procedures and locate/record call destinations quickly...