Job Description

Job Description:
High School Librarian
Performs daily operations in a timely manner as well as set policies in place to ensure understanding and implementation of procedures. Must have the skill to compile, calculate,   and verify records within the system. Searches the internet with clients to help answer their unresolved questions. Makes recommendations to management on organization and workflow through e-mail. Interacts with clients to provide them with the necessary information to locate requested materials. Ability to examine materials with directories, recommendations, as well as book reviews to organize the library resources. Capable of   organizing books, and card catalogs in a particular order according to the rules of the library. Uses good judgment and recognizes the strengths and weaknesses for   alternate ways to solve problems.
Strong   knowledge of the   English language plus an understanding of   grammar and spelling of words.
Must have knowledge of applicable operating and computer systems.
Must be capable of   providing excellent customer service and possess interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
Must have the aptitude to listen as well as understand ideas obtained through verbal communications..

The advantages of having an employee in this job work in a team would be because they are good at researching information and have the ability to manage multiple tasks, projects, and deadlines simultaneously. This employee would also have the ability to speak in a clear and proper tone to other individuals. Someone in this job position can listen carefully and present ideas to his or her fellow teammates.   However, the disadvantages of having someone in this position on the team would be because he or she may have a control issue and may want to control the whole topic the group is working on. Although, librarians are excellent at conducting research through books and periodicals, this person may not be as...