Job Descriptive

The job descriptions clarify what an employee is responsible for, and what is expected of them in the company. Preparing thorough, and complete job description is a first step in the selection process. The job description provides potential candidates with a clear description and main objective of a position, and assists them in determining if they can perform the duties of the position. For instance, Candidates who determine they are unable to perform the duties or do not meet the minimum qualifications may self-screen themselves from the selection process which ultimately makes the recruitment process more efficient. A meaningful duty statement is a valuable tool in orientating new employees to his/her job and role in the department. “A job description identifies the task, duties and responsibilities of a job. It describes what is done, why it is done. Where it is done, and, briefly, how it done” (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine. 2014, p 138)
In addition, of job descriptions to be used as the management tool is to evaluate the new employee with experience. The job profiles in the management tool can be used to develop and/or revise job descriptions for your new employee. Whether you are developing new job descriptions or revising existing ones, you should carefully assess, and adapt the information in the profile to ensure that it meets the needs of your organization. Although, does the new employee profile accurately capture the responsibilities, and duties as they are practiced in your organization. Does the new employee language used in the profile suit your organization, are the new employee qualification appropriate with your organization. This are some of the management tool that I will evaluate before made a decision for any new employee, that suit in the organization.

The role of job description can help companies to better understand their skill base and needs. In recent years, governmental regulations have made employers far more accountable for their...