For alternative B I prefer focus on promotion and employee
    For the part of promotion,
    First of all, I recommendation environmental friendly campgain, We can refer to our competitor Mcdonal’s last event. “No staw day”
    This function is quiet positive and meaningful. Therefore,   Let’s we have a no plastic day. To be   a all round environmental friendly campaign I recommend to use recycle paper placemat as well.
    The next promotion scheme is food safety. Our customer worry of our food quality due to no we haven’t disclosure any food safety qualification to the public. So, I suggest to take part in the International food safety management systems eg.ISO22000.
      The third point is introduction of nutrition, because of eating healthy is more important in the society. This is essential for us to promote our food nutrition, we can show these information on TV, Newspaper or magazines. Moreover, we can consider to provide nutrition information on our paper placemat.
      The final one is to sponsor or hold various charitable activities. to be a responsible company, we would like to provide a positive image to the public. So, we suggest hold a charity sale in the coming year. And sale revenue we can use to sponsor poor student.

      The next part is build up a good relationship with our employee.
    Because public often citizen our employee compensation and benefit.
      The first suggestion is follow the rule of Chinese labor law. Reset our wages to fulfll the minium wages.
      And we should not only focus on the basic salary , we can also increase employee welfare approximately. Like paid break time and insurance.
    The next one is one of a major concern of our employee, this is to provide a safe working environment and equipment, to avoid they are injured when working. Like Skidproof tile and Heatproof gloves
      The last but only least is to provide training and promotion system programs. To increase their working attitude and...